Team Aztech is an Esports organisation founded in the early months of 2019.

Aztech was established in the United Kingdom but now acquire many talented athletes from across the globe. Under our brand we have a number of gaming content creators on Twitch, some reaching an average of 300 viewers per stream in addition to their own individual followers on Twitter (2000+ ) and Instagram (up to 13000). As a company we have a huge fan following ourselves with our Twitter account standing at just over 3000 followers and Instagram at 60,000 followers. All accounts have had bots and fake accounts removed. We are currently working on Youtube growth. It is within our best interests as a team and as a foundation to build competitive teams across different games. We wish to take on this journey and overcome this goal alongside our fans and provide them with competitive and content action built around the esports industry.

We are currently competing and producing content in the likes of Fortnite and FIFA. Team Aztech was mainly created to give talents in the world of esports a home and a chance for a better future. Since August 2020, we are officially registrated as a incorporated limited company.

Team Aztech is a top 30 organisation in Europe in relation to Fortnite skill and power rankings which has been quite an achievement given the thousands of teams out there. We plan to expand into other games such as CSGO, Call of Duty and Valorant in the next few months all of which attract millions of players globally and allows us to create high quality gaming content watched by thousands of people.

E-sports is growing and growing, the industry is getting bigger and the sales are increasing. E-sports reach many young people and are therefore becoming interesting for more and more companies as sponsors. Studies and surveys have shown that sales in the next few years will amount to several hundred million euros. Parallels to conventional sports cannot be dismissed out of hand: “Competitive gaming has long since grown into a professional and full-fledged sport. The league structures, the competition, the mental demands on the players and the regular training are only a fraction of the actual points of contact. “

Our Managers!

Our Manager behind the scenes!


General Manager

Jake "Jakey" Hurst

Community Manager

Max "Teil" Feldner

Social Media Manager